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Lastic is a marketplace for Polkadot Blockspace and Coretime allocation, enabling flexible and accessible blockchain resource management.

What is Lastic? The Polkadot Blockspace Marketplace

Lastic is an innovative project within the Polkadot ecosystem designed to optimize the allocation and trading of blockspace. It leverages Polkadot’s Coretime feature to create a more dynamic and flexible system for developers and projects to access and utilize the network’s resources.

Coretime on Polkadot

Coretime refers to the allocation of computational resources within the Polkadot Network, analogous to “blockspace” in traditional blockchain systems. When a user or project purchases Coretime, they are buying the right to use a portion of the blockspace within a given block or series of blocks on the Polkadot blockchain.

The Blockspace Marketplace

Lastic’s marketplace includes:

  • Primary Marketplace: Purchasing Coretime directly from the network.
  • Secondary Marketplace: Blockspace can be divided and re-sold to participants, offering flexibility and fostering a vibrant trading environment.

Who Can Buy and Sell Blockspace on Lastic?

Lastic is designed to be user-friendly, catering to builders, tinkerers, and traders. With the help of the Polkadot community, Lastic aims to make blockspace buying, selling, and splitting as easy as trading tokens on a decentralized exchange.

Coretime Details

Coretime Chain

The Coretime Chain is a proposed system parachain within the Polkadot Network responsible for the sale and management of Coretime. It handles the allocation of Bulk Coretime and tracks ownership of Coretime as non-fungible assets (NFTs).

Bulk Coretime

Bulk Coretime is sold periodically on the Coretime Chain, providing 28 days of a full core to its owner. It can be traded, partitioned, or used in various ways, such as being allocated to a particular parachain or task, or pooled into the Instantaneous Coretime Pool.

Instantaneous Coretime

Sold on the Relay Chain immediately prior to its usage on a block-by-block basis, Instantaneous Coretime allows for immediate allocation of core resources for tasks without the need to pre-schedule.

The Instantaneous Coretime Pool

This pool allows owners of Bulk Coretime to contribute a portion of their Coretime to a shared pool, enabling tasks to be scheduled on Polkadot immediately before they are processed.

Lastic’s Role in the Ecosystem

Shiden Collaboration

Lastic recently performed the first-ever coretime broker trade with Shiden Network on the Kusama network, demonstrating the flexibility and potential of the Coretime model.

Pricing and Accessibility

The transition from Parachain Auctions to Coretime Sales marks a significant evolution in Polkadot’s ecosystem. Coretime Sales introduce flexibility, affordability, and accessibility, catering to a broader range of projects with varying needs.


Lastic is set to revolutionize the way blockspace is allocated and traded within the Polkadot ecosystem. By leveraging the Coretime model, Lastic offers unprecedented flexibility, affordability, and accessibility for developers and projects. Stay tuned for more updates and developments as Lastic continues to push the boundaries of blockchain technology.

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