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KILT Protocol: Unleash Self-Sovereign Identity on Polkadot

KILT Protocol empowers individuals and organizations to manage their digital identities and control their data within the Polkadot ecosystem. Here’s a breakdown for your Polkadot dapps directory:

What is KILT Protocol?

  • A blockchain protocol built on Polkadot for self-sovereign data and interoperability.
  • Enables users to create and manage decentralized identifiers (DIDs) to represent their digital identities.
  • Allows trusted entities (Attesters) to issue verifiable credentials (VCs) that attest to user attributes.

Key Features:

  • Self-Sovereign Identity: Users control their DIDs and decide what data to share with whom.
  • Revocable Credentials: Attesters can revoke credentials if necessary, ensuring data integrity.
  • Secure and Private: TEE technology safeguards sensitive information during credential issuance and verification.
  • Trust Marketplace: Attesters can be compensated for issuing trusted credentials.


  • Empowers Users: Individuals gain control over their digital identities and data.
  • Enhanced Security: TEE protects sensitive data during credential processing.
  • Streamlined Trust Management: Reduces reliance on centralized authorities for identity verification.
  • New Business Models: Enables businesses to build on trust infrastructure for innovative applications.


  • DIDs: Unique identifiers for entities on the KILT blockchain.
  • Verifiable Credentials (VCs): Issued by Attesters to certify user attributes.
  • Attesters: Trusted entities authorized to issue VCs.
  • KILT Token (KILT): Used for network fees, resource allocation, and staking within the KILT ecosystem.

How it Works:

  • User Creates DID: A user creates a DID on the KILT blockchain to represent their digital identity.
  • Request Credential: The user requests a credential from a trusted Attester for a specific attribute.
  • Attester Issues VC: The Attester verifies the claim and issues a VC if satisfied.
    User Presents VC: The user selectively presents relevant information from the VC to a Verifier.
  • Verifier Checks Authenticity: The Verifier confirms the VC’s authenticity and trusts the Attester.

KILT vs. Centralized Identity Management:

  • KILT eliminates the need for centralized authorities, giving users control over their data.
  • Revocable credentials ensure data accuracy and prevent misuse.
  • Secure enclaves protect sensitive information during credential processing.

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Incorporating KILT into Polkadot Dapps:

KILT offers a unique solution for dapps requiring secure and user-controlled identity management. By integrating KILT, developers can build trust-based applications that empower users and unlock new possibilities within the Polkadot ecosystem.

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