Discover HEAL3, a blockchain-powered app combining game-fi to promote healthy habits and financial rewards.

What is HEAL3? Revolutionizing Healthcare with Blockchain and Game-Fi

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, HEAL3 emerges as a pioneering healthcare application that blends blockchain technology with game-fi elements to promote healthy living and financial well-being. Launched in 2022, HEAL3 aims to address the rising concern of lifestyle-related diseases and the subsequent increase in medical expenses, a significant issue in Japan. Despite the robust social insurance system, preventive healthcare remains underutilized, particularly in the pre-disease stage. HEAL3 seeks to bridge this gap by providing a unique, engaging platform that encourages users to adopt healthier habits seamlessly.

A Unique Approach to Preventive Healthcare with Heal3

HEAL3 sets itself apart from conventional healthcare applications through its innovative use of blockchain technology. By incorporating game-fi features, HEAL3 makes the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle both enjoyable and rewarding. Users engage in real-world health-related activities, earning original tokens known as UHT (Utility Health Tokens). These tokens are obtained through activities conducted while wearing NFT clothes, which can be leveled up or cleaned within the app. Additionally, UHTs enable participation in various in-app missions and can be exchanged for coupons, further enhancing user engagement and motivation.

Heal3 Key Features and Functionalities

1. Blockchain Integration and Tokenomics: HEAL3 operates on the Astar network, leveraging its stable and efficient infrastructure. The application utilizes two main tokens: UHT (Utility Health Token) and GHT (Governance Health Token). UHTs, issued as ERC-20 tokens on the Astar zkEVM, serve as the primary utility tokens within the app. They are essential for activities such as leveling up, cleaning, and enhancing NFTs, participating in missions, and exchanging items in the store. The GHT tokens, with a total issuance cap of 500 million, play a crucial role in governance and in-app activities, including exclusive mission participation and various enhancement functions.

2. NFT Clothes and Their Parameters: The NFT clothes in HEAL3 are central to the user experience. These digital assets come in various types (tops, bottoms, and shoes) and colors (red, blue, yellow, and green). The efficiency of UHT acquisition is not influenced by the color of the clothes, but future missions may incorporate color-based efficiency variations. The clothes are categorized by rarity—Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary—with each category offering different attribute ranges and benefits.

The primary attributes of the NFT clothes include:

  • Benefit: Determines the amount of UHT gained per energy consumed.
  • Luck: Affects the likelihood of item drops during in-app events and missions.
  • Popular: An attribute for future features.
  • Durability: Influences the rate at which clothes wear out and require cleaning.

3. Energy System and Exercise Incentives: Energy in HEAL3 represents the avatar’s physical stamina, necessary for earning UHT through exercise. Each minute of activity consumes a portion of energy, which recovers periodically. The total amount of energy available to a user depends on the rarity and number of NFT clothes they possess, with set bonuses providing additional energy.

4. Evolution and Level-Up Systems: NFT clothes in HEAL3 can be leveled up using UHT, granting additional points for enhancing various parameters. Users can also engage in evolution minting, combining two NFTs to produce one of higher rarity. The success rate of evolution depends on the current rarity and the chosen vanishing ratio of the material NFT. Successful evolutions yield bonus points and improved attributes, promoting long-term engagement and continuous improvement.

Heal3 Promoting a Healthy and Wealthy Lifestyle

HEAL3’s mission extends beyond just promoting physical health. By integrating financial incentives through the UHT and GHT tokens, the app encourages users to maintain healthy habits while potentially earning rewards. This dual focus on health and wealth aligns with the app’s core philosophy of “HEALTHY and WEALTHY,” aiming to foster a holistic approach to well-being.

The app’s tokenomics are designed to ensure stability and value retention. Multiple token burn channels are implemented to maintain a balanced supply and demand, preventing the devaluation of tokens and sustaining user interest.


HEAL3 represents a significant advancement in the realm of healthcare applications. By combining blockchain technology with game-fi elements, it offers a novel approach to preventive healthcare, making healthy living an engaging and rewarding experience. As HEAL3 continues to develop and expand its features, it holds the potential to make a substantial impact on public health and economic well-being, particularly in regions grappling with rising healthcare costs and lifestyle-related diseases. Through its innovative platform, HEAL3 is set to revolutionize how individuals approach their health, making the journey towards a healthier life both enjoyable and financially beneficial.

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