GLMR APES & The Great Escape

GLMR APES is an innovative NFT project that has garnered significant attention within the Polkadot ecosystem.

GLMR APES and The Great Escape: Web3 Gaming on Moonbeam

GLMR APES is an innovative NFT project that has garnered significant attention within the Polkadot ecosystem. Launched in January 2022, this collection of 1001 pixel art apes quickly became the first ever sold-out collection on the Moonbeam network. The GLMR APES community, known for its dynamic participation, has been instrumental in the development of “The Great Escape,” a pioneering web3 game that leverages the unique capabilities of blockchain technology.

The Genesis of GLMR APES

From its inception, GLMR APES has been more than just an NFT collection. It represents a vibrant community-driven project that empowers its members through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO, known as the Apemocracy, allows GLMR APE holders to participate in governance, propose changes, and vote on crucial decisions, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement.

Key Features of the Apemocracy

  • Wise Ape Elections: Every four months, DAO members can stand for election to become Wise Apes, who are part of the Jungle Council. This council includes three permanent core team members and four elected Wise Apes, ensuring a balance between experienced guidance and fresh perspectives.
  • On-Chain Proposals: GLMR APE holders can push proposals and vote on various initiatives, making the decision-making process transparent and democratic.
  • Recent DAO Votes:
    • GLMB Rewards Experiment: Introduction of a new infrastructure leveraging Moonbeam for NFTs and liquidity (April 30, 2024).
    • NFT Renting: Implementation of a single token model for renting NFTs through Double Protocol (April 16, 2024).
    • Community Maps: Decision to introduce DUCK RACE as the first community map in The Great Escape (April 3, 2024).

The Great Escape: A New Era of Web3 Gaming

The Great Escape stands as the first web3 NFT game deployed on the Moonbeam network, embodying the principles of decentralization and community governance. This 2D play-and-earn platformer invites players to embark on a fruit-picking adventure, using their favorite GLMR APE or JUNGLE NFT, or even a free Gibbon character.

The Great Escape Gameplay Mechanics

  • Objective: Players must collect as many fruits as possible within a level filled with enemies and traps.
  • Scoring: At the end of the game, scores are calculated based on the number of fruits collected. Weekly rewards in GLMR and GLMB tokens are distributed to top players and a random selection of participants.
  • Characters: The game features four different tribes of GLMR Jungle Apes (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Bonobos), each with unique in-game characteristics that offer strategic advantages.

The GLMR APES Roadmap Till Now

GLMR APES has meticulously planned its development, achieving several milestones:

  • January 2022: Launch and sell-out of 1001 NFTs.
  • February 2022: DAO creation and start of NFT staking.
  • April 2022: Minting of GLMR Jungle NFTs.
  • August 2023: Closed alpha and beta testing of The Great Escape.
  • December 2023: Listing on Playstore.

The Great Escape Core Team and Partnerships

The project’s success can be attributed to its dedicated core team and strategic partnerships:

  • Core Team:
    • Mr. Tin: Project Lead
    • Mar1Dev: CTO
    • T0: Chief Game Officer
    • Thao: Creative Director
    • Chad: Business Developer
    • An: Level Designer
    • Hong: Graphic Designer
  • Wise Apes: Elected members such as William, Mace, Lothan, and Jerrell bring diverse insights to the project.
  • Investors and Partners: The project is backed by reputable investors like PAKA Fund and partners including Arabian Gamers Guild, enhancing its credibility and reach.

The Future of The Great Escape

The Great Escape aims to lower the entry barriers to web3 gaming by offering a gas-less, free-to-play experience that is accessible from any blockchain. Players can deposit and withdraw tokens seamlessly, making the game both user-friendly and technologically advanced.

Upcoming Features

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The game will be available on both browser and mobile platforms.
  • Chain-Agnostic: Players can join the game from any blockchain, enhancing its versatility and reach.
  • Wallet-Less Entry: Simplified onboarding process that eliminates the need for a crypto wallet, making it easier for mainstream gamers to participate.


GLMR APES and The Great Escape represent the forefront of web3 innovation within the Polkadot ecosystem. By combining a robust DAO governance model with an engaging and accessible gaming experience, they are setting new standards for community-driven projects and blockchain-based gaming. As the project continues to evolve, it promises to bring even more exciting developments and opportunities for its dedicated community.

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