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The Aventus Network (AvN) represents a new generation of scalable and interoperable blockchain technology.

FiDi is Revolutionizing Web3 Analytics with Code-Free Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi), access to comprehensive and customizable analytics is crucial for informed decision-making. FiDi, an innovative platform powered by the open-source DotSight library, offers an unparalleled solution to this need. By providing a code-free analytics hub for Web3, FiDi enables users to access real-time data from a variety of providers, all within a single, intuitive platform. This article explores FiDi’s offerings, its core functionalities, and its potential impact on the blockchain ecosystem, particularly within the Polkadot network.

Fidi: Comprehensive Analytics Without Code

FiDi is designed to be infinitely customizable, allowing users to select their preferred data providers and metrics to build sophisticated dashboards. This code-free environment is particularly advantageous for those who may not possess programming skills but still require deep insights into blockchain data. The FiDi Analytics Portal, available at FiDi Analytics Portal, offers a user-friendly interface where users can authenticate via GitHub or Google OAuth and begin creating dashboards instantly.

Fidi Key Features and Functionalities

FiDi’s platform is equipped with several key features that enhance its usability and effectiveness:

  • Intuitive User Interface: The platform’s UI allows for easy navigation and dashboard creation, making advanced analytics accessible to all users.
  • Extensive Metric Portfolio: FiDi supports a broad range of metrics across networks, tokens, and wallets, providing a comprehensive view of the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Customizable Dashboard Layouts: Users can tailor the layout of their dashboards to suit their specific needs, ensuring that the most relevant data is always at their fingertips.
  • Data Enrichment: FiDi enables data enrichment from multiple providers, allowing for more detailed and nuanced analyses.
  • External Embedding and Sharing: Users can share their dashboards externally, promoting collaboration and wider dissemination of insights.

Fidi Supported Widget Types

FiDi supports a variety of widget types, ensuring that users can visualize their data in the most effective manner. Available widget types include:

  • Tables: Suitable for all data products with any combination of data providers.
  • Time Series: Ideal for continuous data streams, allowing users to plot multiple time series.
  • Pre-Release Widgets: These include radar charts, key statistics, pie charts, single metrics, and NFT grids, with more types such as heatmaps and block bars coming soon.

Metrics Collection

FiDi’s robust metrics collection spans various aspects of the blockchain, including:

  • Networks: Metrics such as active addresses, transaction counts, and unique addresses for parachains like Acala, Astar, and Moonbeam.
  • Tokens: Price metrics for a wide array of tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot.
  • Wallet Analytics: Insights into wallet net worth, NFT holdings, and token holdings.

Fidi Data Providers

FiDi integrates with numerous data providers to ensure comprehensive coverage and reliable data. Current providers include Chainlink, Subsquid, BigQuery, DotLake (Parity), DappRadar, and DeBank. Future integrations will expand this cohort to include services like Dune Analytics, EtherScan, and DefiLlama.

Portfolio Analytics

One of FiDi’s standout products is its Portfolio Analytics tool, accessible at FiDi Portfolio Analytics. This tool allows users to track multiple web3 wallets, both EVM and non-EVM, and provides features such as DEX aggregation, NFT analytics, and advanced staking/lending data.

Fidi Privacy and Safety

FiDi prioritizes user privacy and security. The platform is fully non-custodial, meaning it does not store any user data. This approach ensures that users maintain full control over their information and assets.

DotSight: The Engine Behind FiDi

FiDi’s capabilities are powered by DotSight, an open-source library that supports both on-chain and off-chain data analytics. DotSight can be deployed as a pure data service or with dotsight-ui for data visualization, offering developers ultimate customization.


FiDi stands out as a pioneering platform in the realm of Web3 analytics. By offering a code-free, highly customizable solution, it democratizes access to blockchain insights and empowers users to make informed decisions. With its extensive range of features, robust metrics collection, and integration with leading data providers, FiDi is poised to become an essential tool for anyone involved in the blockchain ecosystem, particularly within the Polkadot network. As FiDi continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping the future of blockchain analytics.

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