Exiled Racers

Exiled Racers is a pioneering 3D NFT project within the Polkadot ecosystem, leveraging Moonbeam’s EVM compatibility to deliver hyper-realistic NFTs and rewarding play-to-enjoy experiences.

What is Exiled Racers? The Ultimate Fantasy League Racing Experience in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Exiled Racers is a pioneering 3D NFT project within the Polkadot ecosystem, leveraging Moonbeam’s EVM compatibility to deliver hyper-realistic NFTs and rewarding play-to-enjoy experiences. As Moonbeam’s first native bluechip NFT art collection, Exiled Racers seamlessly integrates high-fidelity NFT art, fantasy league sports, and gaming into a cohesive ecosystem designed for time-poor NFT fans and gamers. This community-driven fantasy league racing manager game features a low-touch, high-reward gameplay mechanic currently in its Alpha phase.

Key Features and Gameplay Mechanics

Exiled Racers offers a unique gaming experience where algorithmically determined outcomes are based on various attributes of your NFTs, including Pilots, Racecrafts, and Boosters. The gameplay involves:

  • NFT Attributes: Each NFT has specific attributes that influence race outcomes, such as speed, handling, acceleration, and strength for Racecrafts, and focus, stamina, aggression, and intelligence for Pilots.
  • Algorithm-Based Racing: The game uses an algorithm to simulate races, considering the attributes of each NFT, the type of race, and the competition.
  • Fantasy League Elements: Players can engage in a fantasy league style racing manager game, where strategic decisions and predictive abilities play a crucial role.

Milestones and Achievements in 2023

Throughout 2023, Exiled Racers has achieved several significant milestones, reflecting its commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences and pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming. Here are some highlights:

  1. High Fidelity Browser-Based Gaming Asset Development:

    • Optimized high-quality NFT assets for a seamless browser-based experience, reducing file sizes and improving performance.
  2. Keynote Speaker at Convergence 23:

    • Shared insights and experiences at a premier web3 gaming event, showcasing the project’s innovations.
  3. Partnership with Axelar:

    • Announced a strategic partnership to advance web3 gaming capabilities.
  4. 24-Hour Showdown Training Events:

    • Launched high-stakes training events to enhance players’ skills and introduce them to algorithmic racing mechanics.
  5. Supercharged Race Training Sessions:

    • Revamped training sessions with streamlined experiences and new race formats.
  6. Launch of EXR Raceway “SportsBooks”:

    • Introduced a gamified prediction platform, making it accessible to non-crypto audiences.
  7. Showcase at Consensus23:

    • Rolled out live prediction games and engaged with attendees to broaden reach.
  8. Initiation of the Lunar Cup:

    • Presented a racing challenge with a $2K USDC bonus prize pool, attracting racers and predictors.
  9. Game Enhancements for the Lunar Cup:

    • Implemented major improvements, including advanced 3D art and dynamic camera systems.
  10. Auto Entry Innovation:

    • Developed a “1-click Cup entry” feature for seamless race participation.
  11. Accessibility Innovations:

    • Ensured instant gameplay from any device with just an email, enhancing user experience.
  12. Transparency and Fairness:

    • Partnered with API3 DAO to ensure transparency in race results through a detailed blog post.
  13. Feature in TechCrunch:

    • Highlighted in TechCrunch, where co-founder Sumz shared challenges and strategies for onboarding non-web3 natives.
  14. Participation at Polkadot Decoded:

    • Discussed web3 gaming growth strategies and conducted a live race demonstration.
  15. Pre-Event Race and Prediction Training:

    • Hosted training sessions with Moonbeam, offering bonus points and prizes.
  16. Mainnet 2023 Track Meet:

    • Combined virtual racing with live music, attracting over 700 attendees and 1500+ predictions.
  17. Harumi Cup Showcase:

    • Conducted a major racing event with significant prize pools and inclusive participation.
  18. Community Leagues:

    • Introduced private leagues, allowing the community to create personalized competitive worlds.

Exiled Racers: Factions, Stacks, Stats, and Predictions

Factions: There are three unique EXR factions, each with its own story and attributes.

Racing Stacks: Each stack includes a Racecraft, Pilot, and Booster, each with unique performance stats.

Racing Mechanics: Once race entries close, the algorithm runs simulations based on item stats, and races can be watched on any browser.

Prediction Mechanics: Racers and spectators can make predictions on races to earn points and rewards.

Innovative Audio Experience

Exiled Racers has also made significant strides in creating immersive audio experiences:

  • Award-Winning Sound Designer: Partnered with a renowned sound designer to create unique game FX sounds.
  • Three-Dimensional Soundscapes: Utilized advanced spatial audio technology to enhance the racing experience.
  • Adaptive Audio Integration: Ensured high-quality audio across various devices and browsers.
  • Dynamic Sound Design: Created unique sounds for different racecrafts and pilots, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.

Expanding Horizons with Havoc Racing

In 2024, Exiled Racers introduced Havoc Racing, a new game type allowing any user to join races for free using randomly assigned stacks. This initiative aims to enhance user engagement, growth, and sustainability:

  • Havoc Racing Leagues: Frictionless racing experiences open to all users, with random stack assignments each race.
  • Holders Shared Garage: Infrastructure allowing holders to share their stacks for major events, earning leaderboard points and rewards.


Exiled Racers is revolutionizing the web3 gaming space with its innovative approach to NFT art, fantasy league racing, and community-driven engagement. By leveraging Moonbeam’s EVM compatibility, the project delivers a unique, high-fidelity gaming experience that is both accessible and rewarding. With continuous improvements, strategic partnerships, and community-centric initiatives, Exiled Racers is poised to lead the next wave of web3 gaming innovation within the Polkadot ecosystem.

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