Evrloot is an on-chain, role-playing game (RPG) designed to provide an immersive and rewarding experience for players. Built on the Moonbeam Network.

What is Evrloot?

Evrloot is an on-chain, role-playing game (RPG) designed to provide an immersive and rewarding experience for players. Built on the Moonbeam Network, Evrloot prioritizes community engagement and player satisfaction. The game leverages advanced storytelling, innovative game mechanics, and NFT 2.0 technology to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming.

Key Features

  • RMRK Technology: Utilizes ERC-5773 (multi-assets), ERC-6059 (nestable NFTs), and ERC-6220 (composable NFTs) standards to enhance gameplay.
  • Community-Focused: Emphasizes player experience and community involvement, ensuring long-term engagement and satisfaction.
  • Dark Fantasy Setting: Features a rich lore and stunning artwork that immerses players in a dark fantasy world.
  • Ownership of Assets: Players truly own their in-game assets, thanks to NFT 2.0 technology, giving them full control over their gaming experience.

Addressing Blockchain Gaming Challenges

Blockchain gaming often faces issues with unsustainable Pay-to-Earn (P2E) and Pay-to-Win (P2W) models, which can detract from the overall player experience. Evrloot addresses these problems by:

  • Avoiding P2E and P2W Models: Focuses on creating a fair and enjoyable game for all players, regardless of their financial investment.
  • Player-Centric Development: Continuously delivers fresh content and engages with the community to ensure the game remains enjoyable and rewarding.

Gameplay Elements


  • Overview: Involves identifying and gathering plants to create potions and tinctures.
  • Gameplay: Players collect herbs such as Glade Grass and Mirage Sprouts, which can be used to craft various potions and remedies.


  • Overview: The practice of transforming natural materials into powerful potions and tinctures.
  • Gameplay: Alchemists create remedies to heal or harm, making alchemy a vital skill for expeditions and battles.

Preparing for Expeditions

Players are encouraged to gather herbs and prepare potions for upcoming expeditions to The Sand Tower. Proper preparation is crucial for survival and success. If players cannot craft their own potions, they must purchase supplies from the marketplace to avoid missing out on valuable combat experience and rewards.


Evrloot stands out in the blockchain gaming industry by prioritizing community and player experience, avoiding unsustainable gaming models, and leveraging advanced NFT technology. This dark fantasy RPG offers a rich, immersive experience that promises long-term engagement and satisfaction. Join the Evrloot community on the Moonbeam Network and embark on a unique gaming adventure.

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