DIN (Former Web3Go)

DIN (previously Web3Go) is transforming blockchain data analysis with comprehensive tools for Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, and more. Unlock data value today.

Understanding Aventus Network: An In-Depth Exploration for the Polkadot Ecosystem

DIN (previously Web3Go) is a data analytics platform designed to unlock the value behind blockchain data. Supporting Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, and more, Web3Go is the first project dedicated to providing comprehensive data services related to Polkadot parachain projects. As the Polkadot ecosystem expands, the need for a robust, community-oriented data platform becomes increasingly evident. Web3Go addresses this necessity by offering a suite of powerful tools to analyze and interpret blockchain data.

Driving Innovation in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Web3Go believes that data within the Polkadot ecosystem is a key driver for constructing on-chain identities and developing user-oriented facilities in Web3. The platform aims to facilitate the growth and accumulation of data in the Polkadot network by creating a powerful data platform that serves the community’s needs.

Use Cases and Applications

Web3Go offers a diverse range of use cases, each designed to enhance the utility and understanding of blockchain data:

  • Fundraising Analysis: The platform provides in-depth analysis of crowdloan campaigns and detailed lists of staking contributions for each campaign.
  • Contributor Identification: Web3Go identifies contributors in the Kusama parachain slot auctions, enriching users’ identity libraries.
  • Staking Insights: The platform ranks collators with the highest rewards or reward-stake-ratio, enabling comparisons of staking activities in the Moonriver network. It also supports the estimation of staking rewards and the simulation of optimal staking strategies.
  • System-Level Overview: Web3Go offers a comprehensive overview of all Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) and total debts, enhancing information flow among all stakers.
  • Security Monitoring: Users can monitor the security level of the Karura lending module in real-time and implement risk-reducing strategies.

Technical Infrastructure

Web3Go’s technical infrastructure is designed to ensure data is accurately extracted, formatted, and persisted. Key components include:

  • Data Indexer: This tool extracts data from various blockchains and saves it in a structured manner.
  • Substrate Contracts: Using smart contracts on Substrate nodes, users can request, publish, share, and reward data analytics activities on Web3Go.
  • Data Query Module: Provides an intuitive user interface for data analysts to query, extract, and curate data, generating comprehensive data boards.
  • Labeling System: Addresses are assigned labels based on their on-chain activities, providing valuable insights into blockchain events.
  • Kanban Subscription: Users can subscribe to specific data boards to receive updates and notifications.

Mission and Vision

Web3Go’s mission is to transform the production of data analysis by offering powerful, user-friendly data tools. By decentralizing data processing, Web3Go aims to distribute power more equitably and make data accessible and comprehensible for everyone. The platform indexes multiple blockchain data sources and processes them into a structured format, allowing users to create compelling visualizations and narratives.

Web3Go fosters a collaborative environment where data professionals and scientists are rewarded for their contributions, and data demanders’ needs are met through community engagement. By reimagining data analytics in the blockchain space, Web3Go is paving the way for a more transparent, informed, and equitable digital future.

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