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Bluez is a community-driven NFT marketplace on Astar Network, supporting flexible, secure multi-asset transactions and governance.

Bluez NFT Marketplace: Revolutionizing the NFT Space on the Astar Network

Bluez is the first community-driven NFT marketplace built on the Astar Network. Utilizing the innovative Cross Virtual Machine (XVM) technology, Bluez offers enhanced flexibility and convenience for creating, purchasing, and selling NFTs. It supports multi-asset payments and streamlined transactions, making it a premier destination for the Astar and Polkadot communities. Bluez is dedicated to providing a top-tier user experience with easy-to-use features and transparent governance.

Key Features of Bluez NFT Marketplace

Advanced NFT Standards

Bluez currently supports the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards for NFT assets and plans to expand support to include additional standards in future iterations. This flexibility ensures users can engage with a variety of NFT formats, enhancing their trading and ownership experiences.

Setting Up Your Wallet

To get started on Bluez, users need an Astar-compatible digital wallet such as Talisman Wallet, Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, or Rainbow. Here’s how to set up Metamask for use with Bluez:

  1. Visit the Metamask Official Website: Set up an account.
  2. Configure for Astar Network: Add Astar Network’s RPC details in Metamask settings.
  3. Add Metamask Extension: Follow the guide from Metamask’s official website.

Purchasing Digital Currency (ASTR)

To purchase ASTR tokens:

  1. Choose an Exchange: Visit a reputable cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Kraken.
  2. Create and Verify Account: Complete the necessary identity verification.
  3. Deposit Currency: Deposit fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.
  4. Buy ASTR Tokens: Use the trading interface to purchase ASTR.
  5. Transfer to Wallet: Move the ASTR tokens to your Astar-compatible wallet.

Connecting Your Wallet

Connecting your crypto wallet to Bluez is simple:

  1. Navigate to Bluez Website: Visit Bluez and click on the “Connect Wallet” icon.
  2. Select Wallet: Choose your wallet from the available options and follow the prompts to connect.

Managing Your Profile and NFTs on BlueZ

Bluez offers robust profile management features:

  • View and Manage NFTs: Access owned or listed NFTs and manage offers.
  • Request API Keys: For enhanced integration and tracking of NFT metrics via Astar Network’s infrastructure.

Bluez NFT Launchpad Onboarding (Beta)

Bluez Launchpad (Beta) allows users to launch unique NFTs:

  1. Submit Pre-Screening Form: Available at Launchpad Form.
  2. Provide Collection Details: Upon acceptance, submit necessary NFT collection details.
  3. Co-Marketing and Deployment: Discuss options for co-marketing and feature on the Bluez landing page.

Listing and Managing NFTs

To list an NFT:

  1. Login to Profile: Visit Bluez and log in.
  2. Navigate to NFT: Go to your profile, find the NFT, and click “Sell”.
  3. Set Price and Duration: Confirm the listing in your wallet.

To cancel a listing:

  1. Navigate to NFT: Find the NFT and click “Cancel Listing”.
  2. Confirm in Wallet: Finalize the cancellation.

Bluez NFT Marketplace Features and Future Developments

Bluez plans to enhance its ecosystem with advanced buy/sell features, multi-asset payments, and cross-chain NFT purchases. Upcoming features include advanced auction mechanisms (English and Dutch) and a potential EVM-based NFT launchpad.

Bluez Security and Community Involvement

Bluez prioritizes security by implementing robust protocols and regular audits. The community plays a central role in providing feedback and shaping the platform’s direction.

Bluez Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Bluez? Bluez is developed by a dedicated team of developers and enthusiasts contributing to the Astar ecosystem.

What inspired Bluez? Bluez was inspired by the popularity of NFTs and the need for a secure, user-friendly platform on the Astar Network.

How does Bluez differentiate itself? Bluez utilizes XVM technology for flexibility and plans to implement the Pastels Duplicate NFT Detection Sense Protocol for authenticity verification.

What are Bluez’s expansion plans? Bluez aims to support more NFT collections, expand buy/sell features, and facilitate multi-asset and cross-chain transactions.

How does XVM benefit Bluez? XVM enables seamless communication between smart contracts and virtual machines, enhancing the platform’s flexibility.

How will Bluez attract major corporations? Bluez offers a secure and user-friendly platform, making it an ideal entry point for corporations into decentralized applications and blockchain technology.

How does Bluez ensure security? By implementing advanced encryption, regular audits, and robust security protocols.

What upcoming milestones can users expect? Expansion of the ecosystem, advanced trading features, multi-asset payments, and cross-chain NFT purchases.

Is Bluez like OpenSea for Astar? Yes, Bluez allows individual users to create collections and issue NFTs, with selected listings during the initial phase to prevent scams.

What makes Bluez’s features unique? Bulk buy/sell options and various auction types offer greater trading flexibility.


Bluez NFT Marketplace is poised to revolutionize the NFT trading landscape on the Astar Network. By leveraging advanced technologies like XVM and focusing on community-driven features, Bluez provides a secure, flexible, and user-friendly platform for NFT enthusiasts and creators.

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