Ajuna Network

Ajuna Network is built on Substrate, leveraging the Polkadot ecosystem to deliver a secure blockchain experience for gaming.

Exploring Ajuna Network: A Comprehensive Guide for Polkadot Ecosystem Projects

Ajuna Network is a decentralized gaming platform that integrates blockchain technology with leading game development engines like Unity and Unreal. By leveraging the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, Ajuna Network aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a seamless, secure, and scalable infrastructure for developers and gamers alike. This article delves into the core features, tokens, assets, and roadmap of Ajuna Network, highlighting its role within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Overview of Ajuna Network

Ajuna Network is built on Substrate, leveraging the full potential of the Polkadot ecosystem to deliver a trusted and secure blockchain experience for gaming. The platform facilitates the integration of blockchain technology with popular game development engines, enabling developers to create immersive and decentralized games. Ajuna’s mission is to provide real value to gamers and developers through a fully interoperable system for games and virtual goods.

Key Features of Ajuna Network

  1. Seamless Integration: Ajuna integrates with Unity and Unreal engines, allowing developers to build blockchain games without extensive blockchain knowledge.
  2. Scalability and Performance: Utilizing Substrate and Polkadot, Ajuna ensures high performance and scalability for gaming applications.
  3. Comprehensive Toolbox: Ajuna offers a modular toolbox for developers to incorporate digital assets and functionality into their games easily.
  4. Community Involvement: The platform involves stakeholders from day one, supporting game studios with fundraising, market strategy, and design.

Tokens and Assets

Ajuna Network operates with two primary utility tokens: AJUN and BAJU, designed for the Polkadot and Kusama networks respectively. These tokens are pivotal in deploying games, paying transaction fees, accessing services, governance, and staking.

AJUN Token

  • Network: Polkadot
  • Utility: Deploy games, pay transaction fees, access services, governance, and staking.
  • Launch: Scheduled for Q2 2023.

BAJU Token

  • Network: Kusama
  • Utility: Launch games, pay fees, access services, and governance.
  • Launch: December 21, 2022, on MEXC Global.

Additional Assets

  1. GAME Tokens: Used for specific game-related transactions and services.
  2. Trustscore Tokens: Non-tradeable tokens representing player trustworthiness.
  3. Playable NFTs: Tradable in-game assets that enhance gameplay and player ownership.


Ajuna Network has a well-defined roadmap, detailing its strategic milestones and future plans.

2022 Milestones

  • Q1: Finalized Kusama crowdloan rewards strategy and announced parachain bid.
  • Q2: Launched a dedicated crowdloan website and secured a parachain slot.
  • Q3: Set up Ajuna on parachain, closed Alpha for Battlemogs, released Ajuna SDK v2.
  • Q4: Acquired Polkadot parachain, expanded ecosystem, and listed BAJU on exchanges.

2023 Milestones

  • Q1: Launched Awesome Ajuna Avatars (AAA) Season 1, distributed NFT rewards, and onboarded third-party game studios.
  • Q2: Integrated paratoken standards, issued grants, launched Battlemogs Beta, and started AAA Season 2.

Token Supply and Allocation

BAJU Token

  • Supply Profile: Fixed and deflationary.
  • Max Supply: 50,000,000 BAJU.
  • Initial Supply at TGE: 1,750,000 BAJU.
  • Allocation:
    • Founders & Team: 15%
    • Development & Marketing: 30%
    • Advisors: 5%
    • Parachain Slot Rewards: 10%
    • Treasury & Reserves: 22%
    • Seed Round: 10%
    • Private Round: 8%

BAJU Utility

For Developers

  • Deploy Games: Stake BAJU to secure a Game Chain on Kusama.
  • Pay Transaction Fees: Smaller games can access the network on a pay-as-you-go basis.

For Gamers

  • Back New Games: Support new projects by staking BAJU and receive rewards.
  • Access Services: BAJU is used for token swaps, tournaments, in-game auctions, and more.


BAJU token holders can:

  • Elect the BAJU Treasury Council.
  • Vote on grants and Game Chain access for indie games.
  • Vote on feature requests and upgrades for first-party games.


Stakers are rewarded with BAJU and GAME tokens, along with NFTs from Ajuna games.

Ajuna’s Flagship Game: NewOmega

NewOmega is a blockchain game of infinite space exploration and conquest. Players engage in strategic space combat, explore new territories, and collect in-game NFTs. The game emphasizes decentralization, ensuring it cannot be shut down, and integrates a transparent financing model rewarding top players.

Key Features

  • Persistent Universe: Fully decentralized and running on blockchain.
  • Strategic Combat: Players control fleet compositions and combat strategies.
  • Territory Control: Players fight for control over planets and systems.
  • In-Game NFTs: Collectible and tradable assets enhancing gameplay.
  • Community Involvement: Token-based governance system for community-driven development.

Ajuna’s Technological Layers

Ajuna Network is built on four layers to ensure interoperability, security, and performance:

  1. Layer 0: Polkadot/Kusama: Ensures scalability and secure communication.
  2. Layer 1: Ajuna Parachain: Bridges between blockchains for instantaneous transactions.
  3. Layer 2: Ajuna Side Chain: Enhances performance with trusted execution environments.
  4. Layer 3: Ajuna State Channels: Enables real-time communication and transaction processing.


Ajuna Network is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology with the gaming industry, providing developers and gamers with a robust, scalable, and secure platform. By leveraging the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, Ajuna Network aims to create a vibrant and decentralized gaming ecosystem that offers real value and an immersive experience. For developers and projects within the Polkadot ecosystem, Ajuna Network represents a promising avenue to explore and innovate in the world of blockchain gaming. 

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