Polkadot Liquid Staking Projects

TOP 10 Polkadot Liquid Staking Dapps

Explore the top liquid staking projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, enhancing liquidity while earning staking rewards.

stellaswap logo

One-Stop DeFi Hub on Moonbeam: Trade, Earn, Bridge, XCM, Onramp...


Beamswap is a DeFi platform and automated market maker on the Moonbeam Network.


One-Stop DeFi on Polkadot and Astar.

Algem io logo astar

Liquid Staking
Liquid staking DeFi dApp on Astar Network.

moonwell logo

Lending & Borrowing
An open lending and borrowing app built on Base, Moonbeam, and Moonriver. Lend or borrow with no additional fees.


Liquid Staking
A decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain liquid staking protocol for +9 blockchains, dedicated Layer-1 built on Polkadot.
Polkadot Appchain


Liquid Staking
Acala is an appchain powering Web3 finance.
Polkadot Appchain


Liquid Staking
Canary network of Acala.
Kusama Appchain


Unified Liquidity Standard for DOT & KSM Staking and Crowdloan Derivatives.
Polkadot Appchain

taiga protocol
Taiga Protocol

Liquid Staking
Unified Liquidity Standard for DOT & KSM Staking and Crowdloan Derivatives.

Omni LS

Liquid Staking
The first omni-chain liquid staking protocol developed based on Bifrost SLPx


Liquid Staking
Parallel Finance app for Polkadot and Kusama.
Polkadot Appchain


The native AMM of Moonriver (SOLAR) and Moonbeam (FLARE). Decentralized trading, liquidity provision, and yield farming.

hydradx logo

An ocean of liquidity for Polkadot. HydraDX Omnipool - an innovative AMM which combines all assets in a single trading pool.
Polkadot Appchain

Exploring Liquid Staking Projects in the Polkadot Ecosystem

The Polkadot ecosystem, known for its interoperability and scalability, has witnessed a surge in DeFi applications, particularly in the area of liquid staking. Liquid staking allows users to stake their tokens while still maintaining liquidity, enabling them to participate in other financial activities. Here are some notable liquid staking projects within the Polkadot ecosystem:

1. Bifrost

Bifrost is a cross-chain liquid staking protocol that supports multiple blockchains. It allows users to stake their assets and receive vTokens in return, which can be used across various DeFi applications. This flexibility enhances liquidity and provides users with additional earning opportunities without sacrificing staking rewards.

2. Acala

Acala is a comprehensive DeFi hub and stablecoin platform on Polkadot. It offers liquid staking through its native token ACA. Users can stake their DOT tokens and mint LDOT, a liquid form of the staked DOT, allowing them to continue earning staking rewards while utilizing their assets in other DeFi protocols on Acala.

3. Karura

As the canary network of Acala on Kusama, Karura provides similar liquid staking services. Users can stake KSM tokens and receive LKSM in return. This approach helps maintain network security while providing liquidity, enabling users to participate in DeFi activities on the Karura network.

4. Parallel Finance

Parallel Finance focuses on providing decentralized money market services, including liquid staking. Users can stake their assets and receive staked derivatives, which can be used for lending, borrowing, and trading within the Parallel ecosystem. This enhances liquidity and provides users with a broader range of financial options.

5. Algem

Algem, operating on the Astar Network, offers liquid staking services tailored to Astar’s ecosystem. Users can stake their ASTR tokens and receive sASTR, which can be utilized in various DeFi applications. This integration aims to maximize capital efficiency and provide seamless access to liquidity.

Benefits of Liquid Staking

  • Increased Liquidity: Users retain liquidity of their staked assets, enabling participation in other financial activities.
  • Enhanced Earnings: Liquid staking provides additional earning opportunities through DeFi applications while still receiving staking rewards.
  • Network Security: By staking assets, users contribute to the security and stability of the Polkadot network.


Liquid staking projects in the Polkadot ecosystem exemplify the innovative strides being made in decentralized finance. By offering solutions that combine liquidity with staking rewards, these projects provide users with the flexibility and opportunities to maximize their asset utility. As the Polkadot ecosystem continues to grow, liquid staking is set to play a pivotal role in its DeFi landscape.

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