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ChaosDAO is a decentralized and democratic on-chain voter committee, consisting of over 300 members who are actively involved in the governance of Polkadot, Kusama, and various ecosystem projects.

What is ChaosDAO?

ChaosDAO is the decentralized democratic on-chain voting bloc, which comprises more than 300 members empowered for decision-making in different types of referendums. Every individual in the ChaosDAO has the right to participate in the internal voting system by a strict “one person, one vote” principle. This will ensure that each of the members’ voices is heard on equal grounds.

This would be a collective vote from ChaosDAO. Respect the decision made from an external party, and within the internal vote, it would reach a supermajority of 66%. This ensures there is a substantial consensus in making decisions, avoiding possibilities of contentious outcomes. Should no proposal get a 66% majority, ChaosDAO normally abstains from taking part in the external vote. This really just puts a spotlight on its commitment to taking decisive and unified action.

The member isn’t needed to explain his reasoning for the vote but, on the contrary, develops a culture of privacy and personal discretion in a DAO. However, in most cases, the internal chats encourage voluntary discussions and feedback; hence, one may share his thoughts and rationale.

These feedbacks are later summarized and anonymized by the ChaosDAO as follows: [Anon: remove quote], and they are shared over various platforms that include Twitter and a separate Telegram channel, maintaining transparency with the community and respect for privacy.

ChaosDAO membership

In terms of membership, proposals that would see new members join the fold of ChaosDAO should also come from and through the members, thereby presenting an organization whose growth is determined by its members. The decision on new membership will be taken, therefore, via the same democratic voting process that other key decisions of the DAO go through. This ensures that every member is part of deciding what type of community the composition will be, hence allowing them to have a sense of belonging and sharing collective responsibility in the participation.

This model is not only to add more inclusiveness and diversity to the organization but also in line with the democratic ethos at the core of the ChaosDAO operation.

Last time updated: 25 april, 2024.

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