Mangata X

A community-owned exchange for experienced traders & experimental tokens

What is Mangata X?

Mangata X is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) developed on a specialized blockchain within the Polkadot ecosystem, aiming to improve liquidity, reduce trading costs, and enhance cross-chain interoperability.

Key Features of Mangata X:

  • Efficiency and Security: Implements advanced features to maximize efficiency, prevent front-running, and secure the trading environment.
  • Low Trading Costs: Designed to minimize gas fees and transaction costs, making it accessible for a diverse range of users.
  • Innovative Liquidity Solutions: Features unique liquidity provision mechanisms that ensure deep liquidity and minimize slippage across trading pairs.
  • Seamless Cross-Chain Interoperability: Facilitates smooth asset transfers between different blockchains, expanding the available trading options and volume.
  • Decentralized Governance: Empowers the community with governance rights through the MGX token, allowing users to influence the platform’s development.
  • MGX Token Utility: The native MGX token is used for transaction fees, governance, and liquidity incentives, promoting a community-driven ecosystem.


Mangata X aims to redefine the DEX landscape by combining performance, security, and user-centric features. With a commitment to low costs, deep liquidity, and robust cross-chain functionality, Mangata X seeks to become a prominent platform in the DeFi space, appealing to both users and traders. 

This project will likely be discontinued in the Polkadot ecosystem shortly after its rebranding to “Gasp” was announced.

Mangata X project details:

Last time updated: 14 April, 2024.

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