Multi-collateral stablecoin on Astar Network.

What is AstridDAO?

AstridDAO represents much more than just another borrowing and lending protocol in the sea of many; indeed, this stands for a quantum leap in the accessibility, efficiency, and cost of decentralized borrowing.

AstridDAO is a blockchain protocol that specializes in interest-free loans to many consumers by leveraging the power of over-collateralization to secure debts. This is quite a far cry from the tradition, where one would otherwise need to liquidate portions of their collateral assets to free liquidity.

On the other side, AstridDAO avails a totally different manner: a user locks their collateral assets, including ASTR, ETH, and others, then they borrow against the locked collateral assets. This is a mechanism that opens up a whole plethora of avenues to monetize their holdings without liquidating their positions, especially useful for those speculating on future price appreciations.

Capital Efficiency and Interest-Free Loans

However, the most appealing value proposition AstridDAO provides is its capital efficiency, which reduces collateral posting in order to borrow the same amount that is usually required under other borrowing systems. The AstridDAO protocol is further unique in that it provides for users to have the ability to borrow without incurring any form of interest. Borrowers are due to pay a one-time borrowing fee that is algorithmically priced against market conditions and redemption activities. This, in turn, streamlines the borrowing process, making it easily predictable and manageable for the users at large.

The Mechanism Behind AstridDAO

At its core, the AstridDAO platform will operate through the issuance of its native BAI stablecoin against locked collateral within Vaults, created by users. These Vaults are actually the pivot in the operation of AstridDAO; they act as personal banking safes where users are in a position to deposit their collateral and manage their debt. The protocol would serve to secure these loans while maintaining the integrity of the Vault by the use of a Minimum Collateral Ratio (MCR) mechanism; when breached, it initiates liquidation of the Vaults until MCR is again satisfied.

User-Friendly and Secure Dapp

AstridDAO is designed for users just like you: whether you want to use your position to speculate on market movements or simply seek a very flexible borrowing mechanism, AstridDAO presents you with an easy and safe platform on which to do just that. The protocol is secured by the blockchain to ensure transparency and the way assets of the users are managed with accurate reliability.

AstridDAO project details:

Last time updated: 29 March, 2024.

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