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Zondax is leading blockchain security and innovation with trusted solutions for secure hardware wallets, data integration, and protocol engineering.

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Zondax is a trailblazer in the blockchain industry, offering a range of secure, efficient, and innovative solutions that empower leaders to scale and grow. With a deep commitment to pioneering technology and security, Zondax stands at the forefront of blockchain research and development (R&D).

Zondax Trusted by Industry Leaders

Zondax has earned the trust of numerous top-tier blockchain projects and companies. Their reputation for reliability and excellence is underscored by their extensive portfolio, which includes the technical infrastructure for over 50 premier blockchain projects. With a focus on security and efficiency, Zondax ensures that their clients can operate in a safe and trustworthy blockchain environment.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Security is at the core of Zondax’s offerings. They specialize in software solutions for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), providing robust protection for confidential information and cryptographic keys. Their suite of tools, including the trusted remote signer and Arm Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), ensures secure and efficient signing functionalities essential for blockchain networks.

Zondax Laboratory: Innovation Hub

Zondax Laboratory is a testament to their commitment to innovation. It features a portfolio of products designed to enhance security, efficiency, and user experience within the blockchain ecosystem. Key offerings include:

  • Asset Apps: Install both released and unreleased asset apps on hardware wallets.
  • Data and Metrics Platform: Access public historical data, streaming data, and metrics for blockchain.
  • Filecoin Tools: A comprehensive set of tools designed to interact seamlessly with the Filecoin network.

Zondax Expertise in Ledger Applications

Zondax has developed over 35 Ledger apps, demonstrating their prowess in creating high-quality applications for secure hardware wallets. Their tools, such as Zemu—an emulation and testing framework for Ledger devices—streamline the development and testing processes, ensuring robust and secure applications.

Zondax Data Infrastructure and Integration

Zondax excels in blockchain data indexing and integration, providing solutions that allow developers to manage and access blockchain data efficiently. Their Beryx API facilitates seamless data infrastructure creation, enabling applications on the Filecoin chain. Additionally, they offer custom solutions like gas trackers and chain explorers to optimize network operations and enhance functionality.

Zondax Protocol Engineering and Beyond

Zondax’s expertise extends to blockchain protocol engineering, distributed systems, GPU, OpenCL, MILP solvers, and post-quantum cryptography. They support the development of innovative tools and libraries, such as the FEVM for Ethereum and Filecoin ecosystems, enabling the reuse and expansion of code across networks.

Zondax Commitment to Values and Culture

Zondax operates with a strong set of working values:

  • Remote First: A globally distributed team that thrives in a remote work environment.
  • Diversity: An inclusive and welcoming environment free from discrimination.
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity: Encouraging idea development and experimentation.
  • Curiosity and Multidisciplinary Approach: Fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Joining the Zondax Team

Zondax is always on the lookout for talented individuals who share their passion for blockchain innovation. Their hiring process is transparent and inclusive, aiming to find the best match for their interdisciplinary team. Prospective employees can look forward to a professional career with a focus on work-life balance, teamwork, and continuous learning.


Zondax is a cornerstone of security and innovation in the blockchain industry. Their comprehensive solutions, commitment to values, and relentless pursuit of excellence make them a trusted partner for leading blockchain projects worldwide. As they continue to pioneer new technologies and enhance the blockchain ecosystem, Zondax invites others to join the revolution and shape the future of blockchain together.

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