Stake Plus

Stake Plus is a Renewable energy-powered blockchain validator and collator, supporting Polkadot ecosystem through staking, governance, and innovative infrastructure programs.

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Stake Plus offers validating and collating services on various blockchain networks, focusing on the Polkadot ecosystem. Powered exclusively by renewable energy, Stake Plus stands at the forefront of sustainable blockchain infrastructure, validating on Kusama and Polkadot, and collating on Moonriver, Moonbeam, Asset Hubs…

Stake Plus  Vision and Mission

Stake Plus envisions a world where everyone can harness the transformative power of Web3 technologies to collaboratively build and shape the future. Central to this vision is their commitment to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. By leveraging renewable energy, Stake Plus significantly reduces the carbon footprint of blockchain operations, aligning technological advancement with environmental responsibility.

Stake Plus Staking Solutions

Stake Plus offers a suite of staking protocols designed to enable users to actively participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Through staking, users can support network security and governance, earning rewards in return. This approach not only democratizes access to blockchain technology but also incentivizes participation in the governance of the networks they support.

Infrastructure Builders Program

A cornerstone of Stake Plus’s initiatives is the Infrastructure Builders Program. This incentive program is tailored to onboard Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service providers, thereby enhancing the robustness and distribution of the Polkadot infrastructure. By providing globally distributed infrastructure services, the program aims to strengthen the foundation upon which the Polkadot ecosystem operates, ensuring reliability and scalability.

Testnets and Public-Goods Facilitation

Stake Plus is deeply committed to supporting the development and innovation of future Web3 tools and applications. Through their testnets and public-goods facilitation initiative, they provide essential testing grounds for developers. This initiative is designed to empower builders by offering the necessary resources to experiment, innovate, and ultimately define the next landscape of Web3 technologies.

Stake Plus  Community Engagement and Governance

Believing firmly in the power of community, Stake Plus encourages active participation in the development of the Web3 landscape through Polkadot governance. By delegating and staking, community members can play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the ecosystem, fostering a collaborative environment where innovation thrives.

Stake Plus Commitment to Sustainability

Stake Plus’s use of renewable energy underscores their commitment to sustainability in the blockchain space. This approach not only mitigates the environmental impact of their operations but also sets a benchmark for other blockchain projects to follow. By prioritizing green energy, Stake Plus exemplifies how blockchain technology can advance without compromising the health of our planet.


Stake Plus is a pioneering project that combines the strengths of blockchain technology with a commitment to sustainability and community empowerment. By validating and collating across multiple networks and fostering a robust infrastructure through their Builders Program, Stake Plus is not only contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem but also paving the way for a more inclusive and environmentally responsible future in Web3. Their initiatives in testnet support and public-goods facilitation further demonstrate their dedication to innovation and development, making Stake Plus a significant player in the evolving blockchain landscape.

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