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Professional Proof-of-Stake node operator offering secure staking services and infrastructure for multiple blockchain networks.

DomiNodes Validator and Staking Services in the Polkadot Ecosystem

DomiNodes stands out as a premier provider of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) node operations, infrastructure services, and staking solutions. The company prides itself on its international team, which boasts extensive experience in IT systems architecture, development, and management. DomiNodes is committed to ensuring high-quality, reliable infrastructure to support blockchain networks, with a mission to drive the mass adoption of web3 technologies and democratize the decentralized financial system.

DomiNodes Professional Staking Services

DomiNodes operates nodes and validates blocks across a variety of PoS networks, allowing users to participate in the evolution of WEB3 and decentralization by delegating their tokens and earning rewards without intermediary involvement. The networks supported by DomiNodes include:

  • Polkadot (DOT): With an APR of approximately 14%, Polkadot represents one of the key networks in DomiNodes’ portfolio. Polkadot facilitates cross-chain communication and interoperability, making it a cornerstone of the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Kusama (KSM): Offering an APR of around 9%, Kusama serves as Polkadot’s experimental sister network, enabling rapid testing and deployment of new features.

  • Polkadex (PDEX): This network offers an APR of about 20%, focusing on decentralized exchange capabilities that ensure high performance and security.

  • StaFi (FIS): Also at 20% APR, StaFi provides solutions for staking liquidity, allowing users to trade staked assets without waiting for the unstaking period.

  • Edgeware (EDG), Darwinia (RING), and Crab (CRAB): Each network provides an APR of approximately 20%, supporting diverse applications from governance to cross-chain transactions.

  • SORA (XOR): With a notable APR of 30%, SORA aims to create a decentralized economic system with its innovative tokenomics.

  • Dock (DOCK): Dock offers an exceptionally high APR of 70%, focusing on providing verifiable credentials and decentralized identity solutions.

  • ChainX (PCX): At 50% APR, ChainX emphasizes cross-chain asset interoperability, aiming to enhance Bitcoin and other assets’ liquidity.

  • Forta (FORT) and SubQuery (SQT): These networks offer varying APRs (15-30% for Forta and 20% for SubQuery), focusing on security and decentralized data indexing, respectively.

DomiNodes Ensuring Security and Diversity

DomiNodes’ redundant infrastructure is designed to secure the stable operation of these networks, ensuring that each supported blockchain maintains its integrity and performance. The company’s commitment to security is further highlighted through its support of major networks such as Moonbeam and Moonriver, where DomiNodes serves as an Orbiter and Collator, respectively.

DomiNodes Supporting Future Development

In addition to live networks, DomiNodes actively supports various testnets, which are crucial for the development and refinement of new blockchain solutions. Among the testnets supported are:

  • Tanssi, Namada, Goracle, Celestia, and Gear: Each of these networks is in development, promising innovative features and functionalities upon their release.

  • StaFiHub: Another upcoming network, which will expand the liquidity staking capabilities of StaFi.

  • Moonbase and Shibuya: As testnets, these platforms play a pivotal role in the Moonbeam and Shiden ecosystems, facilitating the testing and deployment of new features before they go live.


DomiNodes excels in providing reliable, high-performance staking services across a broad range of PoS networks. By combining robust infrastructure with a commitment to advancing blockchain technology, DomiNodes not only supports current decentralized ecosystems but also pioneers future developments. Their professional services and secure operations make DomiNodes a vital player in the realm of web3 and blockchain technology.

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