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CCTF DAO bridges web3 security and cybersecurity, organizing advanced blockchain competitions and events for top crypto professionals.

CCTF DAO Web3 Events Organizer

The CCTF DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) represents a pioneering initiative within the realm of web3 security and cybersecurity competitions. Aligned with the annual CyBRICS CTF competition, the CCTF DAO leverages blockchain technology to enhance the landscape of cybersecurity challenges, providing a unique intersection of traditional cybersecurity and modern cryptographic solutions.

CyBRICS CTF Competition Overview

The CyBRICS CTF competition is an annual event organized by the More Smoked Leet Chicken alliance, a prominent coalition of Russian CTF teams. This competition is well-regarded in the cybersecurity community for its diverse and challenging tasks that span from conventional hacking challenges—such as password cracking, steganography, and web exploitation—to advanced blockchain-related problems. The competition adopts a 24-hour Jeopardy-style format, featuring 28 different challenges and offering prizes to the top-performing teams.

Role and Involvement of CCTF DAO

CCTF DAO’s role in the CyBRICS CTF competition, while not explicitly detailed in available sources, appears to center on enhancing the competition’s integration with blockchain technology and web3 principles. The DAO is explicitly focused on web3 security and event organization, as highlighted by the tagline “CCTF DAO – Crypto CTF OÜ – Web3 Security and Events” on their official website. This focus suggests a commitment to advancing the application of blockchain technology within cybersecurity competitions and beyond.

Core Functions and Specializations

CCTF DAO is recognized for its expertise in organizing and running web3-centric events, particularly hackathons and capture the flag (CTF) competitions. These events are meticulously designed to simulate realistic hacking scenarios, providing participants with an opportunity to tackle practical and theoretical challenges in cryptocurrency and cryptography. The DAO’s team comprises top-tier crypto professionals, ensuring the quality and complexity of the challenges presented.

In addition to organizing competitions, CCTF DAO offers consultation services aimed at bridging the gap between traditional cybersecurity practices and emerging blockchain technologies. Their events serve as a platform for both aspiring and experienced hackers to hone their skills, contribute to the cybersecurity community, and explore the practical applications of web3 security.

Achievements and Impact

Since its inception, CCTF DAO has successfully organized nine significant events, each contributing to the growing intersection of cybersecurity and blockchain technology. These events have not only provided valuable learning experiences for participants but also fostered a sense of community among web3 security enthusiasts. By continuously pushing the envelope in terms of challenge complexity and realism, CCTF DAO ensures that its events remain at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.


CCTF DAO stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of cybersecurity in the age of blockchain technology. Through its involvement in the CyBRICS CTF competition and other web3-centric events, the DAO plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation, enhancing security practices, and bridging the gap between traditional cybersecurity and modern cryptographic solutions. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like CCTF DAO will be crucial in preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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