Skybreach is a decentralized metaverse by RMRK, offering true Web3 experiences with innovative NFT 2.0 technology and immersive gameplay.

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Skybreach is an expansive, decentralized metaverse created by the RMRK team. Designed to deliver a genuine Web3 experience, Skybreach leverages the innovative capabilities of RMRK’s NFT 2.0 standards to offer a self-evolving and self-governing environment. This article delves into the intricate details of Skybreach, its origin, functionality, and its unique position within the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Origin of Kanaria NFTs

The story of Skybreach begins with the Kanaria project in 2021, where the RMRK team launched a fundraising campaign by selling unique NFTs known as “eggs.” These eggs, which could receive emoji reactions, eventually hatched into Kanaria birds. Each bird’s attributes were influenced by the emotes received during the egg phase. This innovative approach not only gamified the NFT sale but also rewarded participants with $RMRK tokens, distributed through a mechanism called The Fairdrop.

RMRK Standards and NFT 2.0 Legos

Kanaria was built using RMRK’s advanced NFT standards, which allow NFTs to possess and equip other NFTs, and to display different outputs depending on the context (multi-resource NFTs). This flexibility and richness in functionality set the stage for creating a decentralized metaverse where digital assets truly belong to their owners and can interact seamlessly across various platforms.

Skybreach: A Metaverse for Everyone

Skybreach is designed as a 2D pixel-based, top-down massively multiplayer online experience. It caters to hypercasual players while incorporating technomagic-themed RPG elements for those seeking a deeper engagement. Unlike most metaverse projects that focus on 3D environments, Skybreach opts for a simpler, more accessible design. This choice ensures that the metaverse remains easy to build for and accessible on various devices, from PCs to mobile phones, without the need for high-end graphics hardware.

Decentralization and True Ownership

One of the standout features of Skybreach is its emphasis on true decentralization and ownership. In traditional metaverses, integrating an NFT requires significant effort from visual art teams and game developers to create and incorporate the asset into the game. However, with RMRK’s multi-resource NFTs, each asset contains all necessary data for rendering, making it immediately usable across different platforms without additional work. This decentralized approach ensures that NFTs retain their functionality and value, even if the original game environment ceases to exist.

Functionality and Governance


In Skybreach, avatars are multi-resource NFTs that can render themselves in the metaverse environment without relying on centralized services. These avatars, initially limited to Kanaria and Chunkies, can equip various items and participate in the world’s activities. The governing body, composed of Kanaria birds, oversees which avatars and items can enter the metaverse.

NFT Equippables

Items in Skybreach are also NFTs, allowing avatars to enhance their capabilities by equipping different assets. These items must be approved by the World Governance to prevent abuse and maintain balance within the metaverse.

Skybreach Land and Movement

Skybreach consists of floating islands called Skylands, each representing different land plots that can be owned, rented, and traded as NFTs. Avatars can travel between these islands using portals, runes, or airships. The metaverse’s design ensures dynamic growth, with islands appearing and disappearing over time based on user interactions and the evolving story.

Skybreach Economic and Social Systems

Skybreach incorporates a detailed economic and social system. Land plots near key locations are harberger taxed to prevent hoarding and encourage fair distribution. Additionally, the game features a crafting and resource economy, where avatars can mine resources, craft items, and build structures.

Soulbound NFTs

Skills and experience in Skybreach are represented by non-transferable NFTs, known as soulbound NFTs. These assets are tied to an avatar, enhancing its abilities and allowing it to access new functions within the metaverse.

Skybreach Lore and World-Building

Skybreach’s lore is rich and immersive, with a backstory that blends magic, technology, and a struggle for survival. Originating from a planet called Jord, the inhabitants used a powerful spell to escape to a new world, Navis, resulting in a fragmented reality where different time periods coexist on floating Skylands. This narrative provides a fertile ground for endless stories and adventures within the metaverse.


Skybreach stands out as a pioneering project within the Polkadot ecosystem, showcasing the potential of RMRK’s NFT standards to create a truly decentralized and immersive metaverse. By combining innovative technology with engaging gameplay and a robust economic system, Skybreach offers users a unique Web3 experience where they can own and control their digital assets in a dynamic, evolving world.

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