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Public Pressure

Public Pressure is a web3 music platform on Polkadot, empowering artists and fans with innovative revenue models and immersive experiences.

Public Pressure: Transforming the Music Industry with Web3 Technology

Public Pressure is a pioneering Web3 Media hub, deeply embedded in subcultural movements. Launched in 2015 in London, the platform has consistently aimed to amplify emerging artists and labels, fostering an environment of discovery and innovation. Initially starting as a music blog, Public Pressure has since evolved into a comprehensive Web3 Media ecosystem, connecting artists, enthusiasts, and brands.

Public Pressure Cultural Hub

Public Pressure’s flagship platform serves as a cultural incubator, empowering creators to monetize their work directly and allowing community members to own a piece of cultural content. This model enhances the visibility of artists and transforms fans into stakeholders, creating a more engaged and interactive community.

Public Pressure Magazine

From its origins as a music blog in 2015, Public Pressure has grown into a multifaceted Web3 Media ecosystem, focusing on mintable content in music, fashion, and culture. This evolution has enabled the company to bridge the gap between traditional media and the digital landscape, fostering innovative connections and providing new opportunities for creators and fans alike.

The Polkadot Blockchain Foundation

Public Pressure is built on the Polkadot blockchain, known for its eco-friendly and carbon-neutral credentials. Polkadot boasts the lowest total electricity consumption and carbon emissions per year among proof-of-stake blockchains. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Public Pressure’s vision of an eco-friendly digital future.

Public Pressure Empowering Artists and Fans

Public Pressure’s mission is to transition the music industry to Web3, enabling a direct-to-fan model that allows artists to retain more control and revenue over their work. In the current music industry landscape, artists receive less than 20% of total music revenues. Public Pressure aims to rectify this imbalance by providing artists with the tools to monetize their creations directly and engage with their audience in new and innovative ways.

Innovative Revenue Streams and Immersive Experiences

The platform offers a variety of new revenue streams and immersive experiences for artists, labels, and fans within the metaverse. These include virtual concerts, music-based games, and token-based fan engagement. These features enhance the fan experience and provide artists with new ways to connect with their audience and generate income.

Significant Investment and Future Growth

Public Pressure has raised $6 million in funding, led by blockchain-focused investor Scytale Digital, with participation from Ethereum and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood and other venture firms. This significant investment will support the platform’s growth and development, enabling it to expand its offerings and continue driving innovation within the Web3 music space.


In summary, Public Pressure is a groundbreaking Web3 music platform built on the eco-friendly Polkadot blockchain. It aims to empower artists, labels, and fans with new revenue models and immersive experiences in the metaverse. By fostering direct artist-to-fan relationships and offering innovative ways to monetize content, Public Pressure is set to revolutionize the music industry and create a more equitable and engaging digital ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

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