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DeStore is Empowering businesses with no-code Web3 and blockchain solutions for seamless digital and physical product integration.

DeStore: Bridging Traditional Commerce and Web3 with Phygital Solutions

Maintaining a strong online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. DeStore is at the forefront of this transformation, pioneering inclusivity for enterprises and small family brands in the Web3 and blockchain realms. With its no-code solution, DeStore empowers users to seamlessly integrate into the future of digital commerce.

Phygital Access with DeStore

DeStore introduces an innovative concept of “phygital” access, merging the physical and digital worlds to enhance business operations. This approach allows companies to tap into the benefits of blockchain technology without needing extensive technical knowledge.

DeAR: Augmented Reality Wallet

One of DeStore’s standout products is DeAR, a user-friendly wallet equipped with cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) features. DeAR simplifies Web3 complexities, making it accessible to everyday users. This wallet integrates Digital Twins (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies into familiar e-commerce channels, opening the door for billions to explore digital assets.

Intuitive Marketplace

DeStore’s marketplace offers a seamless environment for vendors and buyers to engage in digital commerce. This intuitive platform provides a plethora of options, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process for digital goods.

Digital Product Passport (DPP)

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a comprehensive digital record detailing a product’s lifecycle, from manufacturing to end-of-life. It enhances transparency and security by ensuring data integrity and mitigating tampering risks through secure QR codes. The DPP is set to revolutionize how product information is managed and accessed.

DeStore Mission and Vision

DeStore’s mission is to empower brands to embrace Web3 technology, acting as a facilitator for the tokenization of real-world assets through digital twin redemption. This integration of physical products with blockchain-based digital twins creates hybrid products, reshaping the future of commerce and enhancing brand engagement with customers.

The vision at DeStore is to enable brand holders to take complete control of their product promotion and sales, fostering self-sovereignty in the digital realm. By bridging traditional products with blockchain technology, DeStore unlocks unprecedented growth opportunities and aims to establish a transformative Web3 ecosystem.

DeStore Core Principles

  1. Empowerment through Self-Sovereignty: DeStore empowers brands to autonomously control their digital destiny.
  2. Bridging Traditional and Blockchain Worlds: The platform seamlessly integrates real-life products with digital twins.
  3. Embracing Web3 Technology: DeStore leverages Web3 advancements to revolutionize commerce.
  4. Continuous Evolution: The company remains at the forefront of innovation in the Web3 space.
  5. Inclusivity and Efficiency: DeStore strives to create an inclusive and efficient Web3 ecosystem.

DeStore History and Achievements

DeStore was founded by Josiah Kotzur, who initially envisioned selling opals in the metaverse. This innovative idea led to the creation of DeStore, which gained significant attention, including from the Discovery Channel and Sony. DeStore facilitated the sale of the first opal in the metaverse and the tokenization of a Sony speaker, marking significant milestones in the Web3 industry.

DeStore Team and Experience

DeStore boasts a team of dynamic and skilled professionals dedicated to realizing the company’s vision. The team includes experts in Web3 and business development, all working towards revolutionizing decentralized commerce.

DeStore Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeStore Network? DeStore Network is a decentralized marketplace enabling users to buy, sell, and trade physical products with the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

How does DeStore ensure security and transparency? By utilizing blockchain technology, DeStore ensures immutability, transparency, and cryptographic security, recording all transactions and data on the blockchain to prevent tampering.

What physical products can be traded? A wide range of products, including clothing, digital twin claim cards, and physical silver coins, can be traded on DeStore Network.

What advantages does DeStore offer? DeStore eliminates intermediaries, reduces fees, enhances security, and provides transparent transactions, along with global accessibility for buyers and sellers.

How can one participate as a buyer or seller? Buyers can browse and purchase digital goods using cryptocurrencies. Sellers can list their products after being whitelisted, utilizing DeStore’s digital-twin minting standards.

Which blockchains does DeStore operate on? DeStore operates on various blockchains, including Polkadot, Polygon Agg Layer, and Astar Network zkEVM, ensuring a blockchain-agnostic approach.

How are disputes resolved? Disputes are resolved through manual arbitration, with future plans for decentralized arbitration processes involving community votes and smart contracts.

What fees are associated with DeStore? Minimal transaction fees are charged to incentivize the community and maintain the platform. Sellers may also incur listing fees for certain products.

Is DeStore accessible from mobile devices? Yes, DeStore is accessible via web browsers on desktop and mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience.


DeStore is pioneering a new era of digital commerce by bridging traditional and blockchain worlds. Through its innovative solutions and commitment to inclusivity, DeStore is empowering brands and individuals to thrive in the Web3 ecosystem, reshaping the future of commerce.

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